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James was truly an amazing driving instructor ! I heard horror stories about other driving instructors, but James was great at making you feel comfortable and in control. I'm not known for being focused, so he had a bit of challenge on his hands, but he prepared me fully so I could pass my test first time! (My family still can't believe it!). I have no hesitation in recommending James, he is a top class driving instructor. Thank you James!!!

Isabel Nicholson

Happy Pupil, passed first time


James is an amazing instructor and extremely patient :) would recommend him to anyone learning to drive in Milton Keynes!

Ellie Fox

Happy Driver


James was fantastic! He explained everything so clearly and helped me pass quickly and first time. Would recommend to everyone!

Elizabeth Nicholson

Passed first time


James has been a fantastic driving instructor. He is friendly, patient and well organised, but most importantly has a good sense of humour and likes a laugh! He offers a wide range of support and makes sure that you are ready to pass your test. If want to pass your test I thoroughly recommend James. Many thanks for helping me pass first time!

Chris Hallam

Happy Pupil. Passed first time


Excellent instructor, James is patient and excels at explaining driving manoeuvres they are his forte. Giving tips and hints on how to drive safely without being patronising, always on time and able to arrange times to help suit your availability. Overall, James is a dedicated and excellent driving instructor. Krishna

Krishna (passed first time)

Satisfied Customer


James, just to say a big thankyou for giving Hannah the confidence to pass first time. Will get back to you soon to book pass plus. Best wishes Chrissie and Mark

Hannah ( passed first time)

"Satistfied Mom and Dad"


I would like to say a huge Thank You to James for the professionalism and help with my driving test. It really increased my confidence on the road and I passed my test. James was always friendy and encouraged me not to give up on my driving. Though my test was on the Friday 13th, it was a lucky day for me. He managed to point out my mistakes in a different way and helped me to improve on my weakest points in practical driving. I would highly recommend him!"




Just a note of thanks for teaching and coaching that you gave Adrian which helped him to pass his driving test first time! Your instruction was invaluable.

Mrs Lloyd

"Satisfied Mom"



I just wanted to say thank you for everything and for helping me to get where I am. If you'd said over a year ago that I'd be a confident driver that can laugh off mistakes I wouldn't have believed you. You've helped more than you know and I just wanted you to share my appreciation, so thank you.


Happy student



I may not have been his direct customer as I only watched his videos on YouTube, I just want to say thank you, I was in a very bad place regarding my driving, but watching your videos actually helped me pass, your method to teaching is excellent, I watched a couple of your videos on YouTube regarding the manoeuvres I was unsure about and it gave me a confidence boost that much that I passed first time with 5 minors, and afterwards watching the videos about driving alone for first time really boosted my confidence up



Thank you James for everything you have done for Harry, he is so excited to have passed first time!


Satisfied mum


James is fantastic, my son Ryan's confidence had completely dropped having failed a few tests. I knew of James because my other son had watched his tutorials which are brilliant and a must to view for anyone learning to drive. James reinstalled Ryan's confidence after 1 lesson, Ryan had a further 2 lessons and passed with 6 minors. James is a really nice, professional and genuine guy who really cares about his students. A massive thank you James for giving Ryan the confidence to pass. 

Barbie Coyne


I can't tell you how happy we's an amazing result and we want to thank you so much for your excellent instruction.

Mark's Mum

Happy parents


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say 'thank you' for everything you have done not only to get Charlotte to pass her test, but also to turn her into a confident, calm and very competent driver. Charlotte has really enjoyed her lessons with you, always looking forward to them and I believe that this has been a key part of her progress. Before we engaged your services, we had heard many horror stories of driving instructors who were 'good' but unreliable but I have been extremely impressed with your professionalism, providing regular lessons and lesson times, never letting Charlotte down and always being extremely punctual. We'd love to use you again next year when Austin is able to start learning to drive, but in the meantime thanks again!

Charlotte's Dad

Happy parents


Hi James, thanks very much for all your help getting Ben through his driving test. He's over the moon and so are we. Love the YouTube video! Thanks again, Dave.

Ben's dad

Over the moon.


James is an excellent instructor, and is very thorough with his teaching. He is friendly, patient, and informative, and always at hand to help answer any questions. He helped make my learning experience comfortable and very enjoyable, and I would certainly recommend him to anybody. (My younger sister is now learning with James). Best of all, since passing my test a month ago, I have felt safe, confident, and competent as a new driver, all of which I attribute to Jamess' great instructing. Josh B


Passed first time


James is a fantastic teacher he is very patient and supportive. He is also very encouraging and motivating! The lessons are always enjoyable. He is one of the best instructors you could learn with. Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.


Passed first time


James is a brilliant and motivating instructor. My lessons were always enjoyable and focused on areas that I found trickier so that I felt prepared not only for my test but future driving too. It was particularly helpful to talk through my mistakes and potential scenarios as this helped me to understand both why I was doing things and how to improve in the future rather than just going through the motions. I'd really recommend James to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks for all your help!

Hannah. S

Happy to pass


Thank you James. I really enjoyed the course, it's made me feel much more confident with all the different aspects of driving and has been a very useful and worthwhile experience 

Amy Clutton

Completed Pass Plus


An excellent instructor. Clear direction given on skills needing improvement resulting in a first time pass. Would definitely recommend.

  1. Rowett

Son passed first time


A little note to say a big thank you for helping me to drive. I hope I keep up the good driving and remember what I have been taught.


I passed


James is a fantastic teacher he is very patient and supportive. He is also very encouraging and motivating! The lessons are always enjoyable. He is one of the best instructors you could learn with. Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.


Passed first time


Great driving instructor! Thank you for all your patience, I finally made it!


Happy pupil


Well done Carys and thank you so much James, both daughters passed now thanks to your wonderful work

Mrs Thompson

Happy Mum


Thanks so much for taking the time to help me pass my test.

Jess Hargreaves

Passed first time


Passed with James in 2011! Great instructor and person, would recommend to anybody looking to pass their test properly!


Happy pupil


James is hands down the best instructor you could get! He is so reasurring and always makes sure that you're confident you know what you're doing. I couldn't have passed without him - would definitely recommend!!!

Kai Kahembe

Happy Pupil


James, I would not have done it today without your encouragement. Thank you for believing in me!

Frank Njoro

Happy Pupil


James helped me to adjust myself to right-hand driving since I used to left-hand driving and with only 2 hours of training and a lot of useful tips he helped me to regain my confidence! Strongly recommended! :)

Bogi Bencsik

Refresher lesson.


Thank you so much for my amazing course and the teaching. So happy and couldn't have done it without James, amazingly patient and good teaching x

Charlotte Davies

Passed after a 4 day intense course.


Thank you so much for all your help in teaching me to drive :)

Roseanna Tansley

Passed first time


Thank you so much for everything, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! So thank you for your patience and just thanks for teaching me how to drive! Lara

Lara Czornyj

Very happy pupil



I would thoroughly recommend Travis School of Motoring, my wife enjoyed her lessons and the professional instruction and teaching helped her pass 1st time.

John White

Happy Husband


Hi James, thanks a lot for everything.. I'll do my best to keep up my driving up to your mark and to follow what you taught me. Thanks once again for teaching me in such a nice way.. and making me successful. I will check out your Facebook page. Sri

Sri Salagrama

Happy Pupil


Every lesson was effective and packed with what I would call "proper" instruction. Neither my time or money were wasted, the tuition was affordable and the instructor was direct and to the point, concentrating on weaker aspects of my driving. I know everyone learns at a different pace however, I passed first time on both practical and theory tests and this was in no small part due to being given the right direction and training. I have and will always recommend Travis School of Motoring to people that are about to take on learning to drive solely due to the fact of the experience I had. 

Naz Uddin

Happy Pupil. Passed first time


Experienced instructor who shares this with his pupils. Puts in 100% effort in every lesson. Doesn't start learning new things until you are comfortable. 

Emily Wright

Happy Pupil


Hi James, Thank you so much for all the expert help you gave Stephanie. She really enjoyed learning to drive with you and it's a credit to you that she passed her test first time. Your thoroughly professional approach meant that she's got the best possible start to what will hopefully be many years of safe driving. You really are a superb instructor. And Alex will contact you again next year when he's back from university. Best Wishes, Jill and Dean PS: Don't eat all the polos at once!

Steph White. Passed first time

Satisfied Mum and Dad


I'd recommend James to anyone learning to drive! He's been a great instructor, always patient (even when I was stalling 10 times a lesson!), he really built up my confidence with driving, and ensured I was fully ready to take each test - which I passed first time! thank you so much for helping me pass :) !

James O'Connor

Pupil. Passed first time


James, Many thanks (once again) for all your help and kindness with Jeni's driving. She has thoroughly enjoyed learning with you. Best wishes Chrissie and Mark

Jeni (passed first time)

Satisfied Mum and Dad


Hello James I honestly can't thank you enough for all the support and patience... You have truly been amazing. Always on time and with a positive attitude. Genuinely one of the nicest persons I've ever met!!! I can't recommend you enough. Once again a big thank you. Romana.


Happy Pupil


Hi James, just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and support in getting Owen through his driving test first time. We are all absolutely delighted and will continue to recommend you any chance we get.


Happy Mom


"I would say Travis School of Motoring is second to none! My instructor's professional and attentive training enabled me to pass my test on the first attempt. Hats off to the fabulous training received from James at Travis School of Motoring. I surely wouldn't have succeeded without James support, motivation and inspiration and would definitely recommend to all. I Don't have words to express my thankfulness! Thanks Once again! Regards Chris 

Chris Billington


I am extremely grateful to James for his professionalism and patience. He encouraged me, made me feel secure and gave me confidence, despite English not being my first language. Gracias, James, por todo! 

Happy Student


I want to say thank you. Travis wisely planned my lessons and with excellent instructor I achieved to pass my test at first time. Thank you again and kind regards, Mehdi 


Happy Pupil


I have been with James since the summer and have introduced my girlfriend and others to learn with James aswell. Not only is James a faithful and trustworthy instructor he is a very dedicated instructor and friend to arrange times to help suit your availably. It has been a delight being one of James' student. I will recommend him in the near future to the rest of my friends who are looking to pass next year. Dan :) x

Dan Cheung

Best Instructor in MK


As a driving student it would make sense for me to compare my instructor (James) with all my friends' instructors. My findings at the end was that compared to the other instructors, James' lessons were considered to be one of the cheapest, and for the other instructors who also offer cheap lessons, they tend to drag out the sessions and the progresses made weren't much. So I'm here to say a big THANK YOU for helping me pass first time with only 28hours done!! See you on the roads James!! :)


Student :)


Thank you so much James for helping me pass my test first time! Would recommend you to anyone who wants driving lessons in Milton Keynes; gives really great advice and puts you at ease. He has helped me to become a safe and confident driver. Thanks again!

Katie Roberts

Zero Minors, passed first time.


James is a great instructor, friendly and professional. He teaches you to drive safely not just how to pass your test. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks for helping me pass.

Luke Dashfield

Pupil. Passed first time


I spent six hours with James doing my pass plus. I felt so much more confident now than I did when I passed my test, I feel like a motorway expert and feel comfortable driving in all areas in any weather condition. He is super patient and great for a chat whilst you're driving! I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive :)



James is always friendly and supportive! Was really helpful in the lead-up to my test, went out of his way to give me lessons at times that were often inconvenient for him, and made sure he taught me in ways that best suited me. Huge thank you!


Happy Customer


James is a fantastic instructor - he is organised, patient and very professional. Not only did he help me pass my driving test first time, he taught me how to drive safely and confidently in any situation. I would definitely recommend James to anyone wanting lessons and a massive thank-you to him for all his help!!

Rachel West


James is a great instructor, he was very friendly and patient and helped me to pass first time. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn to drive in Milton Keynes.

Jordan Dunn



I am very grateful for my many lessons with James as I was nervous with little confidence for a long time. I ended up passing first time, something I am proud of and very thankful to James for. His teaching style is easy to follow and he is extremely understanding and patient - something any passenger of mine needed to be! 

Steph Wilkinson



A huge thank you to James for his dedication and outstanding teaching which helped Jasmine pass her test first time. His constant support and patience through every aspect of the test has really been appreciated and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants to learn to drive safely!

Elaine Katsoulis


James has been a fantastic driving instructor. He is very patient and flexible, and always willing to schedule and reschedule lessons according to your own needs. He explains driving and manoeuvres simply and clearly, and is very understanding if you find yourself doubting your own abilities (as happened to me!) I would definitely recommend!


Happy Pupil


James was a very good instructor, patient, calm and of course very nice. James helped me to pass my driving test first time with 5 faults, which genuinely surprised me. Lessons can be planned there and then to help you improve on something you may not be so confident in, and this really helps. I would recommend James to anyone who is looking to have driving lessons in Olney. Thanks again James!

Adam Edwards



James is a really brilliant instructor. He puts you at ease straight away when driving and is patient and helpful when teaching you new things and improving your driving. Thanks to him I passed my test first time, and I would recommend him to anybody!

Lucy Keeble

Happy Pupil


Every single lesson that I had with James allowed me to improve and gradually progress as a safe driver - he was always very helpful! Back in March I didn't know how to drive at all, and thanks to the support James provided I now have my full license. He is a friendly and dedicated instructor, who evidently wants the best for every learner that he teaches! 

Emily S

Pupil. Passed first time.