Motorway Driving Lessons

Many new drivers worry about their first time alone on a motorway so you are not alone.  If you are thinking about having a driving lesson on a motorway in the Milton Keynes or Buckingham area then give me a call and I will be happy to talk about what I can do to help.

Motorways are safer than normal roads, but they are also faster. Sometimes things do happen quicker, and you have to concentrate all the time. 

When you are on the main carriageway of the motorway, remain in the first lane until you get used to the speed. If you need to overtake you must return to the first lane as soon as possible but only if its safe to do so! Many motorists try to stay in the overtaking lanes for normal driving. This is bad practice and causes inconvenience and tailbacks and annoys other users. 

There are two types of motorway, rural and urban. You need to think of them as quiet and busy. Quiet motorways are boring, so you need to concentrate on the road and traffic conditions way ahead. Busy motorways need your attention all around you rather than just focused ahead. 

Motorways are like dual carriageways only safer. They are safer because every motorway user is travelling in the same direction and at similar speeds. Another reason why motorways are safer is due to the fact that traffic is restricted to those who can make best use of it i.e. no pedestrians, cyclists, moped, no L drivers (except HGV), agricultural vehicles, and animals. Motorways are also safer because there are no sharp bends, no oncoming traffic, no right turn, and no roundabouts. The lanes are always wide, and well marked, and are usually straight for long distances. 

Remember you are not allowed to reverse, cross the central reservation, or to drive in the wrong direction on motorways. 

On urban (busy) motorways each lane of traffic has an electronic signal system which applies to traffic in each lane. Care needs to be taken to make sure you know the various signals and what they mean. Motorway signs are being used with increasing frequency to warn you of hold ups or accidents ahead. 


The lesson price for Motorway lessons are:  2 hours £75.00