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The UK Theory Test

Theory Test

The theory test is taken in Milton Keynes.

The first part of the Theory Test consists of 50 multiple choice questions.  Each question has 4 possible answers of which only 1 is correct.

You are allowed 57 minutes to complete the test in which you must correctly answer 43 questions out of 50 to pass.

The Hazard Perception section of the test is made up of 14 hazard video clips.

You have 15 hazards to spot.  Once you have found each hazard you must click on the mouse. You will need to score 44 or more out of 75 to pass.

You will need to pass both the theory questions and the hazard perception section of the test at the same sitting to pass.

You CANNOT book your Practical driving test UNTIL you have passed the theory test and hazard perception test.

This is designed to help ensure that new drivers learn the principles behind driving theory rather than just learning answers.

In September 2011 DVSA will change the format of books and other learning materials available to help people prepare for theory tests, at the same time as more challenging case studies are introduced to car theory tests.

Then, from 1st January 2012, DVSA will create theory tests using questions which will not be published.

Practice questions and answers, not used in the actual theory tests, will still be available to help candidates with revision.